Bullion & Diamond Co. originated in 2008 as a refinery (cash for gold) in Alexandria, VA and continues to purchase and refine all forms of scrap gold, silver and platinum. Refining is still a factor in our business model. Our reputation in the Washington D.C. area speaks for itself. We have been a part of the community for several years now. Stop by one of our locations and discover what we can do for you. The Bullion Bank is a subsidiary of Bullion & Diamond Co. We currently have two locations in Chantilly and Vienna, VA.

Cash for Gold in Chantilly - The Bullion BankThe Bullion Bank is your trusted Chantilly bullion dealer and refinery. We offer cash for gold and refine all forms of scrap gold, silver and platinum. Including broken jewelry, silver flatware and tea sets, old gold, watches, diamonds, bullion and ingot bars and coins. We provide investment grade bullion products, including popular items such as American Eagles, Credit Suisse and PAMP Suisse bullion bars.

Why choose us for your gold and silver investing needs? We are your local experts when it comes to investing your gold and silver for wealth protection and portfolio diversification. Our customers are our priority and we place special value on our relationships with our customers. We are here to help our customers invest wisely and meet their financial investment goals. Our business is local, so you can have peace of mind by coming into our office to work with our staff without mailing your valuables out of state. We currently operate in two locations, Chantilly and Vienna, VA.

When it comes to dealing with your valuables we want you to be completely comfortable with us. To help ease your mind, we weigh and evaluate your gold using professional-grade instruments right in front of you. Evaluations can be done at either of our two locations, they take just minutes and our staff will be able to provide you the exact value of your pieces. Stop by one of our locations and bring your bag of valuables that has been collecting dust and we will help you turn them into cash.