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Cash for Gold

Finding jewelry from a bygone era collecting dust in your storage or attic?

Bring us what you have and one of our consultants will sift through your old ‘paperweights’ and offer you a very attractive sum of cash in return. As gold prices are hitting record highs historically, this is the time to cash in on items that you would never dare wear out in public again. Come to one of our locations and bring your bag of stuff with you.

Did your parents make you save coins when you were a kid?

Good for you, if you still have them! Reward yourself by bringing them by one of our locations to have them assessed and we will make you an offer you may not want to refuse. This also applies to the few of you out there with actual gold or silver bars (also known as bullion), those little bars are very valuable these days.


We realize that everyone wants to know what their gold is worth, and we are excited to show you. However, giving a flat quote without evaluating and weighing your gold would be impossible to do, and not fair to either you or us.

  • The karat/carat (10k, 14k, 18k, etc.)
  • The exact weight of your gold
  • The current daily market value of gold and silver

This may seem complex, but it’s actually very simple! Within just minutes of evaluating your gold and silver our staff will be able to provide you an exact value of your items right down to the penny.

Montage of gold, silver, diamonds, and jewelry