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Selling Gold & Silver to The Bullion Bank

At The Bullion Bank, we make markets in thousands of products, so regardless of whether you are selling gold, silver, platinum or palladium bullion, old gold, silver, or platinum jewelry, we can buy your items.

How to sell silver, gold and other precious metals

By now, you probably know that PPM is one of the country’s leading sellers of Precious Metals products. You may not know, however, that PPM is also one of the leading buyers.

We buy Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium in coins, rounds and bars. You can see Buy Prices for some of the more popular items on our website and we pay fair, market-driven prices for thousands more.

In fact, we'll buy any Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium that our assayers can authenticate. If you have Precious Metals products to sell, you can get up-to-the-second pricing with one phone call to our purchasing department.

Here's how easy it is to sell to PPM:

Step 1: Call Us or drop by our storefront

You can reach us on (703) 829-4615

Step 2: Make Your Sale

Our staff will quote you the current price of your items. Unfortunately, we will only lock a price once the items are in our hands so if you are calling, we can only give you the current market price at that point in time.

That's it. Your sale is done. We can pay you in any form of payment you want. Cash, Check, Wire (fee applies)

Call us at 703.829.4615 

Choose how you get paid

How much is my product worth?

You can see The Bullion Bank's Buy Prices for all bullion items on that coin or bars dedicated page. Just find the item you are looking for and click on it. You will find our current buy price below the "Add to cart" button for any bullion item. For jewelry or diamonds, we will have to evaluate your items in person to ascertain their value and it will depend upon the current gold price and weight for jewelry and on the current wholesale value for your diamond. 

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